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Mimi Moriarty



Rockabilly Blues


Last night, on stage, at the break

the bass guitar says he’ll be signing posters

so I turn to Cheryl and say why is he signing toasters?


I limp toward the concession stand, a kind of middle-aged

limp, an ache, a nerve displaced on my hip,

it’s hard to put my weight on that hip, but I don’t care


because the Big Bopper just sang Chantilly Lace, pretty face,

pony tail, brings me back to eighth grade and Jimmy Brennan,

I’m twirling my skirt and crinoline slip. After the break


the acoustic guitar sings Peggy Sue, I love you, he’s got

the glasses, the hair, the tie, the Buddy Holly hiccup.

Gray-haired couples get up to dance and I sing along.


Last night the band played Rockabilly, they triggered the memory

of rec rooms and basements with 45s on turntables, punch

in a bowl, chips and dip to fuel the dance, I’m 13,


run home after school to watch Bandstand, Bandstand,

Dick Clark says they’re dead, they’re dead!

a snow storm, a plane crash,


last night, last night.




Matt Hanson

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