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Please mail no more than three unpublished poems to the address below, including your name and email address on each poem. Don't enclose a return envelope or cover letter. We don't accept simultaneous submissions.

P.O. Box 1592
Highland, NY 12528

Poems received by November 30, 2022 will be considered for the first issue. Authors who haven't heard from us by April 2023 should assume we won't be publishing the poems they submitted. There's no payment for accepted work. Authors retain their copyright.

Editors will exclude from consideration any poets they know personally. They won't select poems collectively. Each staff editor will select no more than seven poems from three months' submissions. Guest editors may select as many poems as they wish from the staff picks. Staff editors may each add a poem they chose to the guest editors' selections.


A philosopher, three science writers, a political candidate, a fiction writer, two critics and a filmmaker are the first issue's guest editors. Four writers, a musician and two artists are staff editors.

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