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39 Poems

Paul Bowles Laments the Death of His Wife Jane, Karren Alenier

Fox, Stephen Behrendt
Wild Orchid, Stephen Behrendt
Houston, 6 P.M., David Biespiel

At War with the Cynics, Jaswinder Bolina
Reincarnation Dilemmas, Dane Cervine
Tiny Bubbles, Dane Cervine
On a Park Bench, Robert Cooperman

Night Guidance, Amy Gerstler
The Meek, Amy Gerstler
Leniency Letter, Amy Gerstler
Introducing Mr. Death, Jane Ellen Glasser

Alzheimer’s Floor, Constance Hanstedt
The Sparrow Watches the Human, Michele Herman
Parable, Christopher Kennedy
I Placed a Jar, Richard Kenney

Hesitation in a Bathroom, Janet Kozachek
Silent Night, Hannah Lowe
Animals, Hannah Lowe
Two Voices: [Why aren't you speaking to me?], Alessandra Lynch

Untitled, Matt McBride
On the Beach, Two Empty Chairs, Mimi Moriarty
Rockabilly Blues, Mimi Moriarity
Armistice Day, Graham Mort
Paternoster, Graham Mort

The River Is a Wave, Paul Muldoon
The April Night, Laura Newbern
Man in Woods, Laura Newbern
Red Planet, Laura Newbern
Buying and Selling Love, Suzanne Ondrus

Arkansas, or Epistemology, Nathan Parker
The Stammerer, Frederick Pollack
Blue Winged Scoliid or Polistes Metricus, Bin Ramke
Krishna Has Eaten Dirt, Bin Ramke
Lure & Sentence, Emily Rosko

Discovering What to Say, Wally Swist
In Which Consciousness Holds Space for Stupidity, Lisken Van Pelt Dus
Listening to the Radio While Driving Through Toomsboro, William Walsh
Piano in a Field of Grass, Robert Wrigley

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