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Lisken Van Pelt Dus



In Which Consciousness Holds Space for Stupidity


Well, consciousness is having a pretty good go at it

here on Earth, trying to keep us in the game,

despite our drive to stupid ourselves out of existence --


it really doesn’t have to but it’s nice like that,

could just as easily say Fine, and ignore

the mortal sphere altogether. Plenty of other


territory, and it’s got to be less stress to deal with,

though maybe our stupid is more entertaining,

like soap operas or sitcoms you know are awful


and watch anyway. We must be a waste of its time

but still consciousness keeps trying to get through to us.

Think -- what glimpses have you had lately?


The lightning that woke you? Those four crows

that just arced across your yard? Or the sky between them.

The pause before the thunder shook your house.




A. C. Grayling

David Toomey

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