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Alessandra Lynch



Two Voices: [Why aren’t you speaking to me?]


Why aren’t you speaking to me?

-- the eldercat


caught a young rabbit…



-- last night inside the electric light

    of the sturgeon moon -- full and veiny blue but distant.


Are you afraid of Memory -- ?

-- how so?


How it sinks, anchoring nothingness, every pore widemouthed before it

-- does it want to undo us?


It wants to reveal us

-- harm harm harm harm ALARM


We can walk gently there

-- only if there’s a forest


A forest and a darkling stream, yes!

-- why are tears straggling down your face?


Do I want to be the darkling stream?

-- no


All the stones their little faces downward turned

-- you’re speaking in morse


I’m speaking remorsefully

-- you’re human after all…


Nothing is sacred about us -- only what is between us

-- And what we convey. How we link air-to-air


With the finest of ease -- how we fly, linking wings with the wet hills of sea

--now I am speaking to you


Every voice a bee

--starved for a throat-scorching sweetness --


And now I can hear your velvet burr




A. C. Grayling

Ferris Jabr

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